Tap into the Power of Your Mind in order to...

  • Develop Better Family, Dating and Workplace Relationships
  • Alter Feelings of Loss and Trauma
  • Optimize Public Speaking and Sports Performance

Announcing A New Treatment for PTSD
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Dr. Denise Budden-Potts, Therapist, Relationship and Personal Change Expert 
Can Help You Gain Perspective, Skills and Solutions Quickly!

Are You Dealing with the Feelings of Loss and Trauma from the Cocos Fire in San Marcos?
Consider an Individual Session in Order to Start the Process of Moving Forward.

Because your Mind has the power to influence Performance, Relationship and Health Concerns, 
here is a closer look at some specific problem areas I help people change, mastergain choice and self-control      


How do I help people make the changes and "add-in" the new behaviors and thinking skills they need in order to reach their goals?:  
            In-Office appointments, Phone and Skype Webcam Calls are the most effective means for helping people gain new skills, strategies and choices.  
            I use the proven models and methodologies from Cognitive Therapy, Applied NeuroscienceIntrapersonal PsychologyEricksonian Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming              to help you tap into have the quality of life you desire.  For more information click on the About Me page. 

            Please refer to  Programs for more detailed information on specific topics related to Performance, Relationship and Health concerns or click on the following program titles: 
            Public Speaking Made Fun and EasyCommunication Skills in the Workplace,  Grief and Loss Resolution, "Dating With Your Future in MInd," 
            Communicate Effectively with Loved Ones, Develop Emotional ChoiceFive Week Stop Smoking, Permanent Weight Loss.

Since there are varying ways to describe a concern please consider the following: 



Here are just a few testimonials. To read more click on Testimonials: 
                      One client had this to say about resolving her workplace concerns during a recent follow-up phone call:  "The two sessions we 
just did were amazing.  You are so skilled and you really know what you are doing."    --Susan, age 50
                       A college golfer had this to say: "After three months of working with you I have been able to eliminate "bad" thoughts on and off the golf course.
                I have developed a confidence in my golf game and in my life that has me more focused and determined that ever before."  Tim, age 22
                     Another Client had this to say after two weight loss sessions, "I've lost seven pounds in two weeks and food just does'nt have the same importance to me."  
 --- Mary, age 62

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Relationship Concerns: 

  • single and wondering how to develop a healthy love relationship

  • unsure of a partner's love and wondering what to do

  • when a spouse is having an affair

  • shift past hurts, traumas, fears and "family baggage"

  • alleviate unhealthy relationships patterns:  learn how to replace "rescuing," "blaming" and "victim" behaviors with actions that work

  • people and love relationships: assess expectations and assumptions that lead to  strained relationships
Health Concerns:

  •  how to release extra pounds, stop binging, and using food to cope with emotional upsets and difficult situations

  • exercise consistently instead of just talking about it... because there are major  consequences if you do not

  • stop nailbiting and face-picking

  • stop using cigarettes and food to cope: identify the 'stressors' in your life and take steps to regain self-control

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Work Performance Concerns:

  • poor focus and concentration at work or when playing competitive golf tournaments

  • stop folding in "clutch" situations

  • eliminate unproductive automatic negative thoughts from sports & workplace actions 

  • develop a self-supporting mind-set that allows you to accomplish what you set out to do 

  • inability to slow down your mind because you have it dialed to 'hyper-drive'

  • improve memory, concentration and test-taking skills for passing the Bar, high school, university and professional credentialing exams 

  •  misunderstandings & conflicts
"You've Got What It Takes!"
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  • public speaking fears 
  • test-taking anxiety
  • optimizing sports performance
  • organized thinking for important conversations
  • letting go of an unsatisfying relationship
  • resolving grief
  • dating attitudes/behaviors that work
  • communicating with a family member
        Healthy Mind and Body
  • erase nailbiting
  • stop smoking
  • exercising consistently
  • shifting anxiety and overwhelm.